Field Trip to Iowa City

What’s in Iowa City you might ask….Big 10 football and the famed Iowa Writer’s Workshop: world renowned home of many a Pulitzer Prize winner, and for the next two years, my youngest daughter in pursuit of her masters degree. Until the show “Girls” it was largely unknown outside the professional writing community but it is the oldest writing MFA in the world. Set in the unlikely center of nowhere and surrounded by photo worthy rolling fields of corn and soybeans, Iowa City is a thriving cultural center of restaurants, literary readings, boutiques, antique shops, not to mention bookstores and libraries.

Iowa City truly inspired me in all my interests…photography and antiquing, but also real estate.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the man who is credited for almost single handedly reviving and renewing downtown Iowa City, Marc Moen.  A passionate supporter of the arts, Marc curates his own life and the life inside the buildings he owns with care.

Setting up a home took most of our time and I spent more time at Target and assembling bookshelves than roaming and shooting but I look forward to the next visit as a tourist and photographer.


Sierra Madre Villa Station

temp 131E sm


The Getty

Rudolph Schindler (The Rodriguez House)

(These images are © and ® 2009 Susanne Hayek Photography.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.)

Wedding at the Shore

Rainy Beach (Santa Monica)

Cousin Linda’s Brunch

Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Inspiration at the Huntington Library

1926 Pueblo Revival

From my days as a real estate photographer, one of my favorite photo shoots ever and an example of an exceptional Monrovia character home.


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